Sprinter Van Conversion – 4 Great Purposes for Your Converted Van

by | Jan 21, 2022 | Camper Vans, Mercedes Benz Vans, sprinter van conversions, van conversions, Vanlife

Sprinter Van Conversion

Choosing to convert a Sprinter Van is a great choice, but it’s only the start. You’re going to have to decide what the purpose of your Sprinter Van conversion is going to be. There are many different avenues that can be taken when converting any type of van, and the Sprinter is no different. After the conversion is complete, it should serve you perfectly for whatever the intended use is going to be. Here’s some of the most common types of conversions and what their intended use would be for.

Limousine Sprinter Van Conversion

Luxury Sprinter Van Conversions

Luxury Sprinter Van Conversions

One of the common sprinter van conversions is to go towards a luxury limousine route. As the industry shifts away from sedan limousines and more toward SUV or van limousines, the Sprinter makes a great choice. A sprinter van can make a great limousine because of the convenient amount of space inside when compared to a vehicle of a smaller size. Although a van may not be as long as a stretch limousine, you typically get more headspace, possibly even being able to stand up inside, depending on your height. Additionally, there’s likely going to be an excess of room in terms of width, creating a more comfortable space.

Portable Office

That’s right, sometimes an elegant portable office will be born from a Sprinter Van conversion. Whether you have your own driver and desire a more comfortable and functional place to do your work between meetings, or your business requires you to visit with many clients in a day, a luxury mobile office could be the thing that your business needs. This could also be a way for you to go to and from the airport, meetings with clients or wherever else your work may take you in any given day.

Camping Sprinter Van Conversion

Sprinter Camper Van Conversions

Sprinter Camper Van Conversions

Camping has evolved tremendously over the years. People desire to have their camping become more luxurious and comfortable. A Sprinter Van conversion can make your camping (or glamorous camping, also known as glamping) a reality. Converting a van instead of using a camper can have many benefits. Depending on your individual needs, a van could be a much better and more convenient size. One of the major benefits why people choose a van, such as a Sprinter Van, is the gas mileage in comparison to an RV or a truck when pulling a camper behind.

In addition, choosing to go with a Sprinter Van conversion, there is the opportunity to customize it in a way that fits your style and desires. Depending on how many people you want to sleep and what other functionalities you want to have in your van will determine what you should be including in the Sprinter Van conversion.


4x4 camper van conversions

4×4 camper van conversions

No matter what sports game or anything else that you have on TV, a tailgating van conversion could suit you and your friends perfectly. Whether you’d like the ultimate sports viewing set up with a large TV (or more) and best in class surround sound system, or you’re keen on having a cold place to store your refreshments, it can be created. You will impress all your friends and have them waiting for the next round of tailgating.

Best Sprinter Van Conversion

Van Conversions

Van Conversions

If you’re interested in a Sprinter Van conversion, Absolute Styling can help you out. With completely customized creations, they will help you plan out your converted van from bumper to bumper. Whatever level of luxury and elegance you desire, Absolute Styling can make it work. Give them a call today and allow your wildest dreams to come true.