Why Van Life conversions? Can you remember the last time you had a breath of fresh air while admiring the stunning scenery nature has to offer? Are you tired of feeling so trapped at home and spending day after day surrounded by high-rise buildings and unbearable traffic? Then, it is time for you to make a change – you need the freedom and the option to wander to places of respite. You need to discover and experience the van life.

Unsure if the van life is for you? For starters, living the van life and traveling to different places in your camper van home is not always as dreamy as the Instagram photos you see. It can be a difficult lifestyle to pursue, so one should be well informed and prepared before deciding for a van life conversion. But while living in a camper van isn’t always as glamorous as it looks, we can assure you that it offers the freedom you will not find elsewhere.

Here are a few things you should consider before starting the van life Conversions.

Will you be a full-time vehicle dweller or a weekend warrior?

Before you jump into the van life it helps to know how long you are planning to do this. Determining whether you will dwell in your vehicle only on the weekends or full-time will allow you to plan your van conversion the right way.

For example, a weekend warrior may not need as much storage or a top-of-the-range power system, unlike a full-time vehicle dweller who would need their van to be as comfortable and functional as possible for long-term travel and living.

Choose your vehicle to suit your lifestyle

Picking the right van is the single most important thing to consider before living in a van full time. You will need to choose a vehicle that will best suit your needs, preferences, and hobbies to make your travel plans and vehicle dwelling that much easier.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing your vehicle:

–       Will you be traveling with family or going solo?

–       Will you be going on extended overland adventures across the world or only to nearby places for the weekend?

–       Is there enough space inside to build everything you may want?

–       Should you pick a high top or a low top van?

You will need to do some extensive research and planning to find the right vehicle, and Absolute Styling can give you a helping hand on this aspect, as we offer different van options to choose from for your custom van conversions. From Mercedes Sprinter van conversions to Mercedes Metris conversions and more – we can help you with deciding what vehicle you should pick for your van life journey.

Planning the build

Along with picking the right vehicle, planning the build itself is just as important – especially if you plan to live in your van full time. Before you start your campervan build you should be asking yourself what are some necessities that would make your everyday life more comfortable when on the road. While planning the build can seem overwhelming, don’t fret, Absolute Styling can also help you determine the basics and additional things you may want to have in your van. Together, we can identify van options and features perfect for you based on your preference, lifestyle, and budget. We can also take care of the build for you since we specialize have years of experience in custom van conversions.

Van life cost

So how much does the van life cost? There is no set one fits all price for this but in general, living in a van is pretty cheap. Although, it can be quite costly to get started.

For one, you will need to buy the van itself, which can either be a second-hand van or a new one. You will also need to spend money on the van conversion on top of that. Plus, if you plan to leave your job to travel full time, you would have to think about having a hefty amount of savings to enjoy traveling for months or years with no income. Or perhaps consider looking for a remote job that will allow you to work from anywhere and give you a steady means of income.

So, the cost would depend on your budget, how comfortably you want to travel, and the amount of time you plan to live the van life.

Once you have sorted out the above considerations, you will more or less know if the van life is for you. Keep in mind that not everyone’s van life experience will be the same. Each person will go on their unique journey the moment you leave your driveway. Just remember that wherever your journey takes you, slow down, take your time, breathe the air, and enjoy the ride.