Mercedes-Benz Sprinter or Ford Transit: Which is a Better Camper Van?

by | Jun 26, 2021 | Camper Vans, Industry News, Mercedes Benz Vans, sprinter van conversions, van conversions, Vanlife

The Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van and Ford Transit are two popular vans for a multitude of transportation uses. They each boast impressive capabilities, have commendable features, and provide a good variety of dimensional specs. Both vans also offer a gas or diesel engine to cater to customer preference.

Whether as a work van, passenger van, or a home-on-wheels-van, drivers are likely to be happy with either Mercedes Sprinter or Ford Transit. But which one is the better option for a transit van conversion or for road trip haulers ready to take on the van life or?

Here are 3 reasons why the Mercedes Sprinter is the best van for camper conversion:

Mercedes Benz Sprinter

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Camper Vans Conversions

Driver Comfort

If you’re going to drive something for hours on end and across different locations, it only makes sense to put driver’s comfort as a priority when picking out the perfect van for your camper conversion. The Mercedes Sprinter was designed with the driver in mind as it boasts an ultra-comfortable driver’s seat and a highly sophisticated steering wheel.

When it comes to a cozy driver’s seat, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter easily takes the award from the Ford Transit because it has a more ergonomic seat position. It comes with adjustments that allow the driver to find a suitable driving position. Additionally, it significantly has more legroom and headroom than its competitor making it a huge bonus for the driver, especially for long drives.

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has also been lauded for its superior steering wheel. Even at Absolute Styling, customers rave about how easy it is to drive the Mercedes Sprinter because of its light and accurate steering. The impressive steering of the Mercedes Sprinter can be compared to an SUV with a great turning radius.

Roomier Cargo and Heavier Payload

Cargo space and heavier payload are a big deal when planning a van conversion for the van life. Despite an interior height that is a few inches shorter than that of the Ford Transit, the Mercedes Sprinter offers a larger cargo versus the Ford Transit. Plus, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter can haul a load of 3,512 pounds in comparison to 3,150 pounds of the Ford Transit. This means Sprinters can handle heavier builds more easily making them more ideal for van conversions.

Diesel and 4×4 Option

Although both vans offer diesel options as we’ve previously mentioned, the Ford Transit does not offer the 4√ó4 paired with a diesel engine, unlike the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

A diesel engine tends to last (roughly) twice as long as a gasoline engine making it a better option for the van life because you can potentially take it to farther places. A bonus to the long life-span of your diesel engine is pairing it with a four-wheel drive, since they provide better traction for more adventurous roads like going uphill or off-road driving.

While both van options are a great choice for various purposes, the Mercedes Sprinter ranks a notch higher when it comes to comfort, roomier cargo, heavier payload, and longevity. It is no wonder why it is a popular option within the van community and considered the best van for camper conversion.

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